O U R  V I S I O N

Champion Life Centre exists to help people know God, find freedom, and discover their purpose so they can make a difference. Everything about our services, outreach, discipleship process, teaching and evangelism is driven by that mission statement.

We are passionate about creating a life-giving culture & atmosphere where people can find true friendship and be encouraged in their Christian walk. From the moment people walk through our doors we want them to feel love and acceptance despite race, color, background or problem they may walk in with. Most importantly, we desire for all to connect to Jesus and find His Grace that is available to every individual regardless of their history.

Champion life Centre has a vision to continue reaching, growing and impacting lives through communicating the word of God powerfully and effectively. We will continue to use creative teaching, technology, the arts and numerous ways to strategically communicate and spread the good news and empower people’s lives.

If it doesn’t empower people with faith and confidence, with hope for a greater tomorrow, or show the passionate love of Christ, we’re not doing it. We work hard at keeping our mission and vision simple to enable us to have more impact and grow the body of Christ.