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Heart for the House 

Every year we have an opportunity to be a blessing to our church families!  Many of our families are going through a difficult time this season and trying to figure out how they are going to provide Christmas gifts for their children this year.
On Sunday, December 13th, we are going to ask for our Heart for the House offering. Your offering will go to purchasing gifts for children in need.  Together, we can take the burden off of our members and give their children the Christmas they deserve.  
Click the GIVE NOW button to give an offering today!  
Thank you for your love and support this Christmas season! 

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Pastor James and Debbie Green

More than ever we are in need of community.
We want to invite you in this season to join us in-person and online!
Choose from our Online Groups, Champion Kids Experiences, Wednesday Night Student Life  and our over the top Sunday Services, we want to  experience God together with you and your family!
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